Fashion Dress Hijab 2018

If you’re a hijabi, you don’t want to miss out on the latest trends. We’ve got some amazing fashions for you to try out in 2018. Whether you’re looking for something chic or something casual, we’ve got you covered!

Bagaimana Tren Fashion Hijab 2018?

The trends for hijabis in 2018 are absolutely amazing! You can rock a casual or dressy look with some of the trends we have in store for you.

Hijabi fashion trends 2018

Casual Looks

If you’re looking for something casual, you can try out the oversized denim jacket trend. You can pair it with a long-sleeved t-shirt and high-waisted jeans. Or you can wear a loose-fit shirt with some skinny jeans and ankle boots.

Casual hijabi fashion trend

Dressy Looks

If you’re going to a fancier event, you can’t go wrong with a long, flowy dress. You can spice it up with a metallic bag and some stylish shoes. Or you can wear a floor-length dress with a denim jacket over it.

Dressy hijabi fashion trend

Hijab Beautiful Dress – 2015 Style

This style from 2015 is still popular today. It’s a beautiful and simple look that is perfect for any occasion.

Hijab beautiful dress 2015 style

Styling Tips

You can pair this dress with a denim or leather jacket and some sneakers for a casual look. Or you can dress it up with heels and a clutch for a formal event.


This dress is perfect for summer. You can wear it to the beach, to a picnic, or to a family gathering. It’s also a great choice for a daytime wedding or outdoor event.

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How to

To achieve this look, you can wear a long-sleeved shirt under a sleeveless dress. You can also pair the dress with leggings or jeans if you want a more modest look.

New Hijab Styles 2022 Step by Step Guide

Do you want to try out some new hijab styles? We’ve got you covered with our step by step guide.

New hijab styles 2022

Step 1

Start by placing the hijab on your head with one end longer than the other.

Step 2

Take the longer end and bring it over your head, across your chest, and to the opposite shoulder.

Step 3

Bring the longer end back over your head and to the same shoulder as before.

Step 4

Take the longer end and wrap it around your neck and tuck it under the hijab.

Step 5

Adjust the hijab so it covers your neck and chest, and you’re done!

There you have it! Three amazing hijabi fashion trends for you to try out. From casual to dressy, we’ve got you covered. So go ahead and rock these looks with confidence!

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